Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cutiest Cook!

Dalton had decide to be my helper. Whenever I am in the kitchen doing anything he will run get his apron on and dash right back and ask if he can help. Sometimes I get more help then I bargain for but, I love that he is so willing to spend time with me. He is a major daddy's boy so I love it when I get some time with him. Love you little Buddy.

Boys will be Boys!

Jeff signed the boys up for wrestling this year and so far they have loved it. The down side to this new activity is that my house and especially my bed had turned into a wrestling arena. I am starting to think that maybe we will stick with basketball, baseball and other sports that don't require destroying my house.

Halloween 2010

This year Grandpa Mounteer had the kids come down to the garden and pick out their pumpkin for Halloween. They were so excited to carve them, up until they got to the part were you have to clean the inside of the pumpkin then of course they turned in to little whiners who didn't want to touch the slimey stuff. But, we made it through and this kids had a good time.

This year for Halloween Cooper wanted to be a Ninja and of course Dalton has to do whatever Cooper is doing so he too was a Ninja. Kaylee was funny cause she just couldn't find what she wanted to be so she finally settled on a rocker chic I guess is what you might call it. I personally call it a happy child and a relieved Mom who dosen't have to worry any more about a costume.

Cooper turns 6

I swear I don't know were all the time has gone. It seems like it was yesterday I was bringing home my big newborn little boy. Now I never had brothers so this was my first experience dealing with a boy. I have to say I love being a mother of little boys. Cooper has always been so full of life. He is happy and willing to help me with whatever I am doing. He runs to his brother and sisters side to help them as well. He hates getting in trouble. It breaks his heart to know that he has made you upset. He has such a sweet heart when it comes to others and their feelings. He tries hard to be a good person and to be a good friend.

This year he is in Kindergarten and loves it. He has good friends and especially loves to help his teacher Mrs. Wright. He must have made a good impression on her because at our parent teacher conference she told us that he is why she teaches, she loves having him in her class. He works hard and loves learning he is even becoming a good little reader.

This year for Coopers birthday we had a Halloween party we decorated the house, invited his friends and played some games. We had a such a good time. Jeff and I even managed to surprise him. We bought him the Battle for Endor lego set. He had been wanting it since we went to the lego store in California. He was so excited. I think he lost his enthusiasm when it took us like 4 hours to put it together. Oh well!

Bubba you are the best kid! I love being your Mom I consider you to be one the greatest blessing in my life. You are a strong determined person who tries hard to do his best with whatever you are doing. You are kind and considerate of others. Everyday I thank Heavenly Father for you. You are truly a great blessing to our family. Love you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know I am slow about getting around to blog but there is no time like the present I guess. Plus, I finally had a free second. It has been pretty strange this year with all my kids in school. I am not ready to let them grow up yet but, I am so glad that they are excited about school. Kaylee is currently in 4th grade and loves being in Mr. Wright's class. She loves Math and Science which she does not get from her mother. She is also participating in the the schools choir. Cooper is in Mrs. Wrights Kindergaten class and loves school. He can't wait to get to school. Dalton is in Miss Brenda's Busy Bee Pre-school and loves to go see his friend Cardon.
Dalton Pre-school

Cooper Kindergarten

Kaylee 4th grade

Monday, August 30, 2010

My husband, my hero!

I know it has been ages since I have blogged but, like most people, life has gotten in the way of any of my guilty pleasures. But due to the events that have taken place this weekend I felt the need to let my wonderful hubby know how much I love him and tell him that I am so grateful for all he does for us. I am sure many of you have heard about the death of officer Harris from Kane County. I am continually shocked at how hard this hits home when ever a police officer is shot. This shooting is a little harder and has seemed to change the way I view life. Jeff left for Kanab Thursday afternoon as soon as the call came out and and helped with the investigation until late Saturday night, when he was told he needed to get some sleep and needed a day to rest so he came home. I know this sounds selfish but, I was so grateful to have him home and to be able to put my arms around him one more time. I love Jeff and my wonderful kids, and I am so proud of who Jeff. I know it scares me from time to time but, I think I would rather live that way then to see him miserable doing something else. My husband had a dangerous and thankless job and sometimes I wonder why he does it, but I love him and I know he loves what he does. I Love you sweet heart!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Harris Family! We love you and are so grateful for the the Service of Officer Brian Harris!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dalton is 3!!!

Okay so I have been a little slow with blogging. Currently I have been eat, sleep, and drinking young women's. Plus March is just a crazy month for me. Okay now that I am done throwing myself a pity party, My sweet little Dalton turn 3 this year. We had a great time we took the kids and a few cousins over two Funtime Inflatables and let them wear themselves out for 3 hours then they went home and took a nap, I was in heaven. Ever since we went to Disneyland at Christmas Dalton had been crazy over Toy Story, especially Woody. He informed us a couple of weeks before his birthday that he needed a bullseye for his Woody, after Jeff quit laughing hystrically he told him we would get him one. However that became a tougher task then I thought, my parents went to the Disneystore, no dice. So I spent a couple of hours on the internet hunting down a bullseye horse, but I totally lucked out and saved the day.

Dalton was born on my Dad's birthday, so Sunday on their actually birthday we had a dinner for the two birthday boys and cake. My Dad and Dalton have a very close relationship and are very good buddies so I think it is sweet that they share their birthdays too!

Oh, yes we even had a Toy Story cake

The Two Birthday Boys!

Dalton was so excited he begged for Bullseye.

Dalton in his new Toy Story pj's and boots

Fun at Funtime Inflatables